Friday, July 25, 2008

PART 1: Life's stressful
hate life for being so unfair.
i put my heart and soul in bowling, i tried my best in it, because of the 2 years in Bangsar, because of that stupid coach, my bad habits in bowling started building. 2 years later (now), my bad habits remained, scored still at 170 average. I need higher average at 16 years old, maybe 180 or 190, 200 will be the best. hopefully with this new coach, my game gonna improved. i really need to improved. I LOVE BOWLING.
other than bowling, is volleyball. malaysia private chinese school volleyball competition is in this coming holiday, 3 year once, so i really wanna go, it will be my first and last malaysia private chinese school volleyball competition. but the problem s all my training will clashes with my bowling competition. i'm gonna go to the competition, but the volleybal only choose 9 ppl. so if i don't go to training, how am i going to get pick? stupid headmaster, thought he say all can go? what should i do?

i walked home alone.

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