Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a perfect sunset.
i went to ken's house.
online for awhile.
went for lunch (or tea time, whatever you call it)
and we chat till 7pm. =D
it was great to catch up.
we chat everything! and i mean everything.
from studies to junior life and collegue.
time do pass fast.
i'm 17 and SPM is in freaking one month + time.
the same question been going through my head,
form 6?
ken did convince me to leave after this year,
but i'm gonna continue to think about it first.
i felt like i am missing out from some friends life.
i'm not gonna let this happen. XD
i really really really miss my junior years,
with that bunch of friends.
there's gonna be a gathering, i promise. XD
i'm trying to fit in in this class,
so far so good.
i'm still trying...

maybe i just want a great escape.

stepping away from reality.

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