Saturday, January 30, 2010


Nokia Launch Party
featuring Boys Like Girls.
thank you Nokia for making this happen. =)
(BTW it's free entry)
more photos on Facebook.
there were 4 performers,
but i only know one of them,
they perform 9 songs. =D
Love Drunk,
Two Is Better Than One,
The Great Escape...(and others)
they are so awesome!!!
great performers..
everyone was dancing, screaming and singing.

Martin came down to the audience
and he was standing just in front of me. =D
and i touched him! XD
i touched a celebrity. =D
he was so close, just look at these photo.
it's blur, because everyone was sqeezing..==
VJ Utt..
too bad did not take a photo with him,
but took a photo of him.
so, the dress code to get the Nokia X6 phone at RM66
was to dress pink or blue.
well, we saw a girl who dress PINK!
really PINK!
took a photo with her..=D

some photos to proof we were there. =D
Ya, i met mei yuan there,
bowling friend. =D
she also love Boys Like Girls alot!!
took a photo with her. =)
guess what?
while Boys Like Girls was performing,
they threw guitar picks down to us.
i didn't grab it, but i found one on the floor.
so it's mine!! =D

Two Is Better Than One
perform by: Boys Like Girls (and someone i don't know)
Video here.


stepping away from reality.

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