Tuesday, May 17, 2011

somewhere damn fun!
where do you think it is?
somewhere cold, somewhere away,
sin city!
nope, not las vegas,
and no, not the casino,
but starbucks.

throw it away, forget yesterday,
we'll make the great escape!

still new to the whole photo effect thing. =/

starbucks with
adrien, jh, mp, yan, baoyi, yentao & babyhorse.
thanks guys, it was awesome!

kept playing with iphone photo effect.
we chat too.
sometimes it just feels great to get out for awhile.
don't care what's happening, just go.
because we only live life once,
why not just "go"?

presenting: baby horse!

look so much alike huh?

cause we are finally free tonight!

stepping away from reality.

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