Monday, September 12, 2011

Black is Back with Arthur’s Day 2011

it's another year already and
it's about 3 years since i went to Guinness in Ireland.
well, to tell the truth,
i'm blogging about this to win money can't buy passes
Arthur's Day Celebration 2011!

well, the celebration is actually at 23rd sep 2011 (friday),
6pm onwards,
in speed city kl, selangor turf club.

why do i want to go?
one simple reason: taio cruz is there!!!
you guys should know who is he,
if not, let me show you!

i'm only gonna break break your heart.

it's taking me higher.

and malaysia's singers are not bad too!
james baum! vote for him please...

one night that can't go wrong.

other than this, Arthur - if you guys dunno who he is,
he is the founder of Guinness.
without him, imagine without Guinness.
i was at Guinness storehouse in Dublin, Ireland before.
it was nice.

look at my past blog post nov & dec 08 for the amazing ireland trip.

no point trying to evade it.

stepping away from reality.

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