Saturday, May 26, 2012


Friends come and go, but only true friends stay in your life. Friendship, it is one of the most wonderful thing that happens in life, though it's wonderful but how many truly would be your friend forever? There are some friends where it's just a hi and bye, some may share secrets, but some, would see you grow, from that cute innocent child to an adult. 

Why when we grow older, friendships are not genuine any more? It seems the older we get, everyone wants to be your friend for benefits. Why can't it be that simple like children making friends? Children can be friends instantly at a playground because it was fun playing together. No expectations nor benefits, it was purely enjoyment, but those friendship is the ones that last the longest. Making friends from a pure heart.

My advice, keep the friends you make who you know will be there, not because they want something, but because spending time together is a joy. No expectations, nothing. 

Goh Ee Von and Goh Ee Leng. I have known them for 14 years now and counting. They are truly my childhood friends where I remember I would spend all day of my holidays in the back lane and field playing. It was the highlights of my childhood. This friendship, I plan to keep, until forever ends I guess.

"remember when we..."

stepping away from reality.

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