Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Blog, why do I blog? I guess maybe it's a way for release?

I have been so lazy to blog, to even log in to this account.
Life has been hectic, really hectic recently.
Today was SUKIPT singles and basically I suck.
I can do it, it's just my freaking mental block.
Got to be ready on thursday and don't let zickry (my double's partner) down.

A reminder to myself that I can do it,
because frankly, I can.
MAPCU 2012, about a month ago:
Men singles 3rd. Average: 202.3

winning national players. =D

Team event 3rd.

Taylor's bowling team.

I miss bowling so much, and I am grateful I am able to play once more.
This SUKIPT competition, let's not think about the score, but doing my best.
I am gonna push for double and team event.

Today was like me jumping off a cliff with no one forcing me to do so.

that sentence meant everything.

stepping away from reality.

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