Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It's about 8 teenagers dealing with family, drugs, sex, love, friendship, trust, gay, pregnancy, death and many more. The show talks about how these teenagers deal with their life and still get to have a great future. The parties they have are the most insane, though even they have lots of parties, their life is still full of decision to make, problems to face.

Tony (played by: Nicholas Hoult)

Michelle (played by: April Pearson)

Sid (played by: Mike Bailey)
Cassie (played by: Hannah Murray)

Chris (played by: Joe Dempsie)
Jal (played by: Larissa Wilson)
Maxxie (played by: Mitch Hewer)
Anwar (played by: Dev Patel)

~I love this show so much, I am trying to download all the episodes into my harddisk. Finish with season 1. OMG! xD Damn great show!

sometimes family sucks!

i wish...

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