Thursday, February 26, 2009

sorry i haven't been updating. life's very busy and prdictable. ==
will make it up to you, after my exam, i'll promise to update whenever possible.
firstly, photos in ireland which yet to be posted.
start with the day back from paris and our trip to nothern ireland.
I miss Ireland!
i'm going to study my *** off for getting a university in France, England or Ireland.
Back from Paris 17/12/2008
coming back from Paris

miss there so much

Ireland 17/12/2008

taking the rubbish out wearing sweater. >.<

wine only cost 12 euro
Shopping (City Centre & more)
18/12/2008 & 19/12/2008

it's so beautiful

christmas is here and everybody is singing~

he is real

it gets dark early here.
To Northern Ireland 20/12/2008


look at the real person. La Senza

it's raining

views from car.

The next day 21/12/2008

the wind is so strong

boms away

pig crossing. xD

the hotel that we stayed in
Giant Causeway, so beautiful!

Giant Causeway.

isn't it just beautiful?

i've been here

comments appreciated.
i want to...

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