Thursday, April 16, 2009

time flies...

i am so tired lately. i've been so busy with volleyball, bowling and studies. believe anot, i only leave school at earliest 6pm this few weeks. all this activities really is killing me. the only things i do at home nowadays are only reading "Breaking Dawn" and sleep. (don't really have the energy to read more than 1 chapter per day) i don't even think i have 8 hours of sleeping. damn! i also started tuition this month, it's eating up all my time, but for my results, it will be worth it.

to tell the truth, i am really sad that i got 5th in MSSKL. even though i got 2 golds (double and team), but my all events got 5th. they only want 4 to represent KL, so i'm a reserve. i'm still very sad about it, i really wanted this. no point crying now right? but i lose by 18 points. i fail so bad.

volleyball is going well, we really did play as a team today. our goal: get into the finals, so we can play in wilayah! i really want this so much! just don't mistake and i'm sure we can succeed. competition in 6 days. go team!

studies. SPM in 7 months. i really want to get a good result. i want to study A-level oversea. it's hard to focus. god! i really need to start studying! after the volleyball, no more excuses! i really need to score my SPM!

from => high school really bitter, sweet and wish that high school will come to an end faster so you do not have depend on caffeine to keep you awake just to finish your mountain high homework but at the same time, you wish that everyday to be a little longer just to spend more time in school, enjoying moments that you'll never encounter in your life again.

i agree with it too. i am also quite emotional these few days. (just so you know) =) time really flies. i want time to stop for awhile, let me catch my breath again. the past week was all about competition, before i even got the time to be sad about the lose, theres another competition again. today our class whiteboard wrote: 30 days to mid term. i am not ready for it. i haven't been study too. i just wish time stop for me to catch my breath.

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