Tuesday, April 7, 2009

lastest update:
i am single again!
i need to give u somethings. my result and sport isn't looking any good right now. i need to stay focus. i somehow felt i lost my wayagain. SPM in 7 months and i'm freaking out now! after that, it's all about result and choices. to stay for form 6 or to go oversea? i need a great result. my bowling and volleyball isn't that great too. i want direction. i want to enjoy every moment i have now, with my friends. teenager life only 1 year, 8 months and 23 days. we are all growing up. is there a way to slow things down?
MSSKL update (bowling): Single 5th, Double: 2nd (Silver), All Event: 5th
Tomorrow playing team. I played a 180 average this two days. I still get 5th! Only the top 4 can go Kedah to play for MSSM. i cried the whole day already. I really wanted this. I might cry again I tried so hard, maybe not good enough. lost by 18 points. I really wanted to get top 4! i failed.
i'm sorry for hurting you.
give me some directions, lead me.

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