Wednesday, May 20, 2009

something to remember.
boys will always be boys

volleyball camp 2009-03-14

i should be studying right now! tomorrow i'm having biology (chinese) and history (chinese), two of my weakest subject but i don't have the mood for it. i don't want to fail so badly this time, but i think i lose the part that one to fight for these two subject.

today it's the fifth day of exam! two more days left. i finished 10 subjects and 4 more to go. in the 10 subjects i think i did quite well, except for i think sejarah, add math (chinese) & chinese. others i'm quite happy with it.

after this two days of exam, there will be another volleyball camp. the second one this year. it's to prepare us for the coming competition next friday. it's going to be so fun, because basketball, badminton & table tannes players will have the camp too. i'm strangely excited about it, maybe because of finishing exams!

volleyball. OMG! our senior team this year only has 3 senior, so this competition the other 9 player will be from junior (not the strong one). i am so not looking forward to this competition. i really don't want to lose, i really want to be proud of myself, my team. hope it turn out well.

a wound can't be heal perfectly, sometimes it will leaves scars. the more you want it to heal, the slower it will. maybe after time pass, everything will be like the past.

have you ever felt like you are important in that someone's life, but he or she never mention it to you and after time passes,you start doubting yourself about are you really that important in the person life?

i will enjoy every moment i have.

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