Thursday, May 7, 2009

sorry for the late update, it's not that i lose my blogging interest but it's because my new house don't have internet access till recently only. finally! there will be more actual updates. though there will be no photo in a while, because of technical problems (yes, lots of them). bare with it and enjoy my black & white post. :)

i think i'm much better than hannah montana! why? because i live a triple life. my studies, bowling and volleyball. it's a never ending battle between which come first. even though studies are my priority, but the other two really keep me very busy. i really need to slow down, take a step back to breath. now i feel like i'm drowning.

because of this, my homework! lots of them undone and my so-caring-yet-so-annoying-teacher want me to stay back at school to finish my homeworks. i spend more than half of my day at school and you still want me to be in school a few more hours? what the purpose of this? just give me some freaking time to finish it, don't need to force to stay back! f***! you even phone my parents for this, **** *** *****. i really think you are not helping at all.

i'm just very tired from life. i did not get back what i work hard for. my life isn't at it's high point right now. gimme a break, let me catch my breath! i really need it. exam is coming in a week. shit! i hope for the best. i'm really trying to concentrate on studies. i need to rest from reality just a while. please.

i walked alone.

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