Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Volleyball Competition (29th May ~ 2nd June)

i suddenly felt my blog isn't organise at all. i've been missing out in blogging. i have so many to blog about but yet i don't have enough photos to make my blog interesting. so even though i'm lack of photo, i will still blog about my volleyball competition (29th May~ 2nd June). when the other photos are ready, i promise to post it too. anyway, i will be posting two language, both the same content, so my all-so-favourite-schoolmate will spend time reading and commenting at my blog.


this is my last year playing in this inter-chinese-school volleyball competition, the final competition. to tell you the truth, it did not ended well at all. our team don't have enough player, so their will be junior playing for senior team. we know we were going to lose, but all i want was us playing our hardest. i tried my hardest, at least to have a nice full-stop here but WTF! my captain, during the last game didn't even bother to play well. he just laughed throughout the competition and fooling around. i don't know how to explain but he just let me down. he did not let me complete my competition with a nice full-stop. believe me, i was damn piss!


comments apprieciated.

i'm leaving it all behind.

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