Wednesday, December 23, 2009

18-12-2009 ~ 19-12-2009

Class Vacation in Genting.
the photos explains everything we did there.
wanted to upload more photos here,
but time consuming. >.<
so it's in Facebook.
Genting was freaking cold.
not as cold as Ireland,
but still cold. XD
and it was raining the whole time.
so it was lucky for us to sit that (down there).
group photo. =)
so the most fun part of this trip (for me),
is me, tzehou, shenkeong, seechuan went to shoot this 10m rifle.
it's a real gun!
but no bullets. XD
and we had photos of it. =D

what's Genting without that (down there)?

more photos... =)

so much haze in Genting. XD

i am holding a... red light? XD

tsuey sean, it's RM168 here. XD

don't bribe them! =)

1 week to school reopen. =(

stepping away from reality.

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