Tuesday, August 16, 2011

matta fair 12/8 - 14/8
i am so proud of myself!
this is the first time i ever worked
and i manage to sell packages!

i skipped the first day,
started working on the second day,
it was rough and tiring,
but by the third day it all went well.

at first, was just thinking about the experience,
and the experience can never be replace.
i enjoyed it so much!

new friendship too.
jason, dominic, senghan, marie...
sometimes i think,
when will we meet again?
the next matta fair? ever?
at least getting to know new people,
talk to them,
at least... they stepped into our life for that 2 days.

look the stuff we do.

and introducing jason.
but you can call him andrew.
they look so alike!

would be cool if i meet someone
who look exactly like me.

you can't connect the dots looking forward,
you can only connect them looking backwards.
i saw this in someone's blog and it's meaningful.
it let me think, just sit down and think.
those memories,
the future.
how will my whole life be?

i'll be your fantasy.

stepping away from reality.

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