Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That day during my mother's birthday.

I've have been so lazy lately, I guess that's what holiday does to me.
I have this in draft for the longest time, but did not bother writing the content.

This was actually a while back, my mother's belated birthday dinner.
This happened on 11th July 2012, I know, it's August already.
Basically, we had a splendid dinner at seksyen 17, Malaysia.
Sorry for the lack of human in these photos, but do enjoy the food display here.

We went bistro a Table for the dinner,
it's a french restaurant, fine dining as I may add.
Located at seksyen 17.

If you didn't notice, the menu is actually different everyday!

French dining definitely needs to go with wine.

Appetizers first.
The chef herself came out to introduce the food and she prepared this lovely dinner.

First dish, Italian summer black truffle with...
Seriously, don't expect me to remember the full name of the dishes.
It's super hard and some of them are in french, bare with me on that.

Next, we had coddled maple syrup egg with...

Ahh, shit. I forgotten most of the dishes name, sorry.
Go check it out. It's all delicious! Really!

This is actually smoked salmon.

Desert time!
Liquidfied cheese cake, bet you never tried that before.

Happy Birthday to mom! <3

Best mango I've ever tasted!

Chocolate fudge cake, sister favourite!

This was the most unique one, it's something to do with gravity and anti-gravity as it's concept.
And here I thought only Architecture has concept to follow.
See the ice cream above the ginger beer?

Yup, it feel into the ginger beer.

#MyAugustWish to be happy.

stepping away from reality.

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