Friday, July 20, 2012

21st century formal.

I have been visiting LookBook for quite sometime and like it so much.
I guess why not start posting some of my looks,
to inspire people and be inspired as well.
Give it a hype if you liked it or why not a thumbs up on Facebook.

Stay tune for more, I plan to put up one look every wednesday,
support me please. =)
I would cover all my behind the scenes and bloopers in this blog.

What do you think of my smile?
Never really had much confident with it, till a friend told me it was nice.
Here is it, you lucky people get to see it, I don't often smile in pictures though.

Spot the dog? My dogs have not been making the shoot easy.

See my dog jump.

It's annoying.

and ouch, she hurt my waist.

Oh ya, I came across this photo editing website, which edits photo online.
This effect, I just had to post it. Loving it!
Link here.

Told you I will update more on my blog.
Comments appreciated.

we tend to forget happiness that exists.

stepping away from reality.

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