Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bangkok 2013 (1)

2013, a new start to a new year.

First new year resolution, to blog more. It's already the mid of March and it's only my first post this year. I know I'm kind of behind schedule in blogging, but I want to start blogging again, maybe no one's gonna read it, but still, I really do hope there is. 

Starting afresh, therefore the new layout will be up soon, so deal with it right now. Haha. I promise no more delaying and stopping. So let's get started!

*cue song* "This is Ian's blog post."


I kind of lost the fire to blog, sorry about that, but let me pick it up with a small post first though. I'm trying this thing where I try to seperate my blog post when different style were involve, so at least you get to know what I'm wearing and where to buy it. I hope it's okay blogging this way.

Without further explanation, this is my trip to Bangkok! Yes, hangover 3! Haha, though I didn't get drunk here. So if you are in Bangkok, where is a must go? Sky Bar, lebua hotel and resort.

Here are the links of the Bar and Map :

It's a wonderful bar with a restaurant located at the 63rd floor of lebua hotel and resort. With its stunning view out towards the city of Bangkok, this is definitely a place to go if you are a tourist there. Price of drinks and food are quite expensive because of the atmosphere, but the service is great.

I would say it's a great place to chill out with your friends, maybe get a drink or two and even meet new people.

Thanks to Li Wei for this stunning picture of me! =D

Penny and Me.

So every time I go to all this amazing place, first thing that comes into my mind would be photoshoot! Literally the first thing that comes to my mind. And to my luck, Ian Cheah was there, a great photographer friend of mine. I was wearing nice clothes, he had his camera there, so why not right?

Harmony Wee and me. Both of us rocking thrift shop clothes.

Clothes on me:
Shirt - 2 Greatest (Thrift shop in Platinum Mall @ Bangkok)
Chinos - Topman
Belt - Thrift shop at Terminal 21 @ Bangkok
Shoes - Thrift shop outside Platinum Mall @ Bangkok
Watch - Calvin Klein

I hope this post was okay to read, but I'll update more soon and by soon it's a day or two, max! Comment if there's anything. Have a great day guys!

i knew you were trouble when you walked in.

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