Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bittersweet Farewell 私は日本語を理解していない

I actually manage to continue blogging, even though it has been a week, but I told you guys I will! So here we are.

Bittersweet farewell, I know I have been helping numerous farewell over the past few years and sometimes, we meet back within a year. Somehow I guess a farewell it's not only how long we won't meet, but a simple good luck wish in the form of a dinner that your life overseas will be a beautiful one. Same goes to this friend of mine, Moses or we call him Loong Ann.

Okay so the photos above is only bloopers to nicer pictures that I will soon upload when he flies to Japan! Well, I guess here is the part where I type some emotional stuff about how him and me known each other since 13 years old and were best friends till now, 8 years and counting. I guess, what's need to be said, I know he knows it and others that were not said, I shall message him directly. So I'll just tell you guys that he was a very close friend of mine, even though we don't hang out in the same gang in junior high, but he knew all my stuff and was always, and I mean ALWAYS there for me when I needed someone to talk to. Problem not always are solved, but at least there will always be an ear to listen. I am grateful for that and to have him as my close friend.

Back to his farewell dinner, it was just a small farewell dinner between us close friends, 4 of us to be exact, since one of my friend, Viken bail on us. We decided to go somewhere far with good food and buy Moses dinner, since we couldn't afford the watch he wanted. Not sure whether should I mention it here. =P
pictures through my lens.

You could say late is a tradition for us Malaysians so got myself juice works while waiting.
 Dinner was hard to decide, but Syh Won manage to persuade us to Namoo on the Park @ Publika which tasted far better than what I expect, half of it was because I'm hungry though. Haha! But seriously, it was delicious. It's a Korean theme restaurant but more westernise. Serves more burger and  pasta than the traditional bibimbap.

I tried it's Beef burger with rice cake replacing the bread. It was delicious and a reasonable price as well. Screw diet for a night and just enjoy!

They even serve simple bolognese pasta.

Have you ever tried sweet potato latte? It's surprisingly tasty!
Fruit punch!

Sweet potato cake!
 The desert, sweet potato cake was literally sex! Foodgasm, totally delicious, although it's quite filling, but it was very very very nice! Repeating the very because I'm emphasizing on it! Order to share with a few friends, you won't regret it!

Averagely prepare 30 to 50 MYR per person and you can enjoy the food here and even change to keep, so definitely highly recommended!

Definitely we took photos of ourself, so here they are!

Me and Syh Won.

Moses and Neve.
Neve and Syh Won.

Not the group photo we had in mind, but this will do.
The full gallery could be view in my facebook page. Link.

Even though I'm blurry here, but I absolutely love this photo!
ps: Moses is a great guy, willingly be the driver and go all out to help his friends, won't know what life would be like with him thousand miles away.

Something out of the topic, I'm starting up a new fashion blog which I will talk about fashion, more on male, and some other stuff. It will be more short blog post that I go through web and see nice fashion to talk about it, so expect lots of tips and trends, hopefully update everyday or every other day. It's not up yet, but will tell you guys when it's done.
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i like to think that we fell in love for that short moment.

stepping away from reality.

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