Monday, May 6, 2013


Firstly, help me hype my photo? Haha. Need the support I could get. So fashion blog wise, I am still posting, give it a look and maybe support? I guess it's one of the thing I enjoy very much and I will go all my way for it to be successful! Here are some bloopers or maybe I could say photo that isn't as good, but definitely worth posting.

firstly, my awesome sneakers, I absolutely love them!

Printed t-shirt : thrift shop in Bangkok.
Jeans : Levis
Sneakers : Nike
Watch : Swatch
Accessorsory : Up by Jawbone
Bag : thrift shop in Bangkok

It was a quick photoshoot by a classmate of mine. Thanks Jia Yeong. I'm trying to do a segment of outfit of the day every week, so I really need a photographer. =( This blog will be all the bloopers though.

My fashion blog, go check it out! Really hope it's going somewhere. After some incident happen, I am so much more determine to make this fashion thing happen! Somehow, I want to work in the fashion industry in fashion capital like New York, Tokyo, Paris. Anywhere! My dream? I guess working as editor in GQ magazine, is that far-fetch? Yes, dreams are suppose to be scary! I will work my ass off the achieve it, have faith in me.

By the way, here's a song that describe that I'm addicted to. Listen to the bridges.

think i'm going to boston, think i may start a new life.
stepping away from reality.

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