Sunday, April 28, 2013

What had happen to me?!

Before I die...

What will you do? I guess it's a question we all need to think about. The saddest part in life is not death but to die without accomplishing what we want. Why not we do this? Take out a pencil and paper out now and write down as many of things you want to do before you die and actually do them. I know I need that. I guess the saying is true where it goes, "you have live until you actually lived!" Bet I didn't make that one up. So what is your before I die wish?

Things that came into my mind right now:
Before I die,________________________
I want to sky dive!
I want to migrate to the UK or USA for that matter.
I want to have a child.
Kiss in the rain?
Be famous.

5 things came in mind, what's yours? I bet I could write a full list of things I want to do, and I shall do that! Challenge accepted!

What's been happening in my life? I know you guys question this after I said I will update regularly, but no, I did not. =( I guess I suck at promises, so no more promises, but I will update as much as possible though. Life has been busy! Like really busy. 5th week into my semester 5 of Architecture and not one day I'm free. Nope, NOT ONE FREAKING DAY! I got to hold on, because I need good grades for Master! Oh god help me!

I started a fashion blog. Men's fashion blog to be more exact. It's always a wish of mine and a thing I wanted to do before I die! Guess that's accomplish. So do check it out and support me please? I don't know where it might head, but I do hope it's heading somewhere.

Basically my blog talks about fashion in general, with 4 different topics weekly.
-Fashion news.
-Outfit of the day.
-What to get?
4 different topics weekly, so you have to check everyday to know when I update.

By the way, my blog is heading somewhere. =P
I'm a contributor on Detail Style Network.

Check out my blog! 

Hope that's enough spam! Comments appreciated! Which brings me to another point, this blog would be dedicated to talking about my life, so yup, would focus on the fashion part in

Cheers, until next time!

losing him was blue like i never knew.

stepping away from reality.

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