Saturday, August 24, 2013

White Frog

I don't do this very often but this film actually inspired me to do a blog post about it. White Frog, It is a coming age story, aimed at young adults, about 15-year-old Nick, a neglected teen with mild Asperger’s syndrome whose life is changed forever when tragedy hits his family. It is a story of the power of family, friendship, and love. 


First of all, it featured varieties of great cast, Harry Shun Jr. (Glee), Booboo Steward (Twilight Series), Gregg Sulkin (Pretty Little Liars), Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) and Joan Chen with B.D Wong and others. I will be honest, the movie is an independent film therefore do not expect much from the cinematography, the editing and the show was a little bit slow and some parts were cut weirdly, but I must say, ignore this minor glitch, you have a wonderful, heart warming and incredible film.

White Frog touches topics that I find society is so ignorant about. It talks about an all american family which looks perfect from the outside but isn't perfect. Who defines perfect anyway? I believe this is a phase many people encounter, trying to keep up to be the perfect child in a perfect family, but what is perfect anyway? Nobody is perfect and that idea of perfect set by parents to the child often torn the child.

It touches two topic, Asperger’s syndrome and Homosexuality. What is Asperger’s syndrome? Well, there is ignorance. I won't explain much, but it has to do with difficulties in social interaction, look it up. We see kids who are socially awkward and classified them as weirdos but what struggles are they going through? What can parents do to help their children with it? I think this tackles the topic, not fully, but it gives us an idea.

Next, homosexuality. It's a common topic, and much common nowadays. This movie tackles it as well. A perfect family from the outside with a closeted son. Many parents and people in general think that it is a sin or abnormal, I won't even waste my time arguing with that, I think people have a choice with who they love and it shouldn't even be a topic. The agony of the child going through this "perfect" family is horrid and I think this shouldn't even be a concern to parents, but the hard truth is it does and I think this film tackled it wonderfully showing the all aspects of it.

Spoiler alert: 
I will just quote the movie and I think even though you find out about this, it doesn't affect you watching the movie.

"Nick, I loved your brother, and he loved me."
"I’m gay. So what?! Well that’s a crime? And you know what? We never even held hands in public, why? Because of people like you and your stupid homophobic family. You think you love your brother? No. I love your brother. You didn’t even know who your brother was."

The quote speaks for itself and it is so beautifully said.

Why the movie is named White Frog? Well, you have to watch for yourself to find out. You can ask me for the movie or try this link I found (here).

before our hearts decide to love again.

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