Friday, January 24, 2014

Am I more than you bargained for yet?

It's been so long.

When I'm listening to the right song, the mood is right, blogging will hit me.
All I want to say is I don't know where I am headed but I hope it will be alright.

For people who don't know, I graduated! Yay! Haha.
Yup, I did. And I am seriously proud of myself, like really just so proud. All the sleepless nights, shits taken. Everything. At times I swear I was on the edge of giving up, but I did not and I got this degree. I am so proud of myself for it though.

However graduation means needing to face the world. Face reality and from young, I always just want to step away from reality, even this blog says, "MEMORIES, stepping away from reality."
I'm too young.

Haha, no! I'm 21 (I just turned 21 last December), and I know people 50 years ago, 21 had to go for war, had children. I am just here, doing nothing. One of the reasons of not working first was because I wanted to do stuff to crossed out my bucket list. I believe now is the only time for it. So far doing nothing.

I like the picture below, it gives me hope.

All I am saying, I'm turning 22 this year, hadn't had my life figure out, but I hope it turns out well. 

Please check out my fashion blog.
I don't know where I am headed with this, but I am doing what I like, is that enough?

I'm just a notch in your bedpost.

stepping away from reality.

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