Monday, June 16, 2008


:What is the most important thing in my life?
:I guess is having memories. Having memories with your friends and family it's what makes your life great. That's what I think.

I've been thinking quite alot lately, looking through people blogs, thinking about what happen this year. It's great and somehow I miss all of it.
Why must happy moments end so quickly while sad moments seems so hard to pass through?
Haiz.. I miss childhood ALOT!
Haiz.. I miss primary ALOT!
Haiz.. I miss my last 3 years ALOT!
If only time could turn back.

Review through this year ( I can admit it's a great year )
~> A new class, not the best but it's ok with a bunch of new friends
~> Jay Chou concert
~> Lang Tengah
~> Holidays

Last holiday was great. ^^ Went Lang Tengah for 4 days 3 night. Pictures will be update soon. My family, Kelly's family, cousin and a bunch of my parents friends. It was very fun though, kinda wish that it would last longer. The only thing that didn't really went well is that I didn't get a chance to meet new friend, the guy by the beach.
Went grandma house the 2nd week. Went to the field, it's been years since I went there.
The swing is still the same.
The slide is still the same.
The field is still the same.
Except we've grown up, we used to go to that field alot.
It was fun.
At least me and Ee Von, Ee Leng chat for 2 nights, get to know how've they been. Although their brother kept disturbing, but it was great.

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