Friday, June 27, 2008

I put my heart, my soul in to it, but why didn't I get what I should get?
Why must I suffer people mistakes?
Life isn't fair at all!
I don't DESERVE this!

All I want to do now is go to my room and lock myself in there until the sun rise from the west. Only then I know miricle exist. Why must life be so unfair to me? I play bowling fo all my life, putting all my passion in it, but why must my swing be wrong? F the coach who taught me wrongly in Bangsar while I was 13 n 14. F him for making me suffer now because for his idiotness. F! I look at other people play bowling, same age with me, much better standard. Why must this thing happen to me?
I want to change my swing.
I want to be in AAA then to National Youth.
I want to prove to some coaches who don't want to coach me that I can do it.
I am trying so hard to change my swing, I got passion in it! F life for being so unfair!

I want to put down everything in my life and have fun everyday, but it ain't happening.
Gave up PREFECT~
3 more days to not being a prefect. Gonna wear white shirt back to school again.

6 hours and 30 minutes to piano exam. I still don't know how to play.

i want to give up everything.

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