Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is what I wrote above (the pink words):
All this memories will always be in my heart.
Leaving footsteps in my heart.
Life’s a journey. Wonderful and full of happy moments.
This journey is long and also rather short.
One step, two step, three step, slowly we walk through this.
Don’t walk too fast, we have to cherish every moment.
Enjoy the happy moments.
Learn through mistakes; stand up once you fall down.
Make friends along the way, let them walk with you.
Help you through tough times. Enjoy with you in happy times.
I’m writing down all my memories in this blog.
Everything that should be remembered will be here.
When we grow, look back at all this memories.
See how much have we accomplish.
Memories are always the best. Cherish it.


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