Sunday, January 4, 2009


this isn't just any-other post. besides that it is the post about my 2008 reviews, it is also the 100th post in my blog. *hand claps* =D let's celebrate!

two-zero-zero-eight was a great year! i had my ups and downs but in the end, everything work out great! i really enjoyed last year, even though i did not manage to have a "sweet" 16 party with my friends but i did manage to celebrate it in Paris, the city of romance. *winks*

i did manage to improve in my sports. i went MSSM and the volleyball competition in Perak. MSSM 2009, here i come! the experience was damn great! it was what i will look back in ten or twenty or hundred years. 

the vacation. OMG! the places i been to last year. Lang Tengah, Dublin, Paris, London. it was a great year! everything still feels like a dream, a dream so beautiful that it don't feel real and i don't want it to end, even though i miss everyone in M'sia. 

the new friends i met this year, the old friends that i gathered with. everybody that influence my life. i miss the times we had together. last year i spend lots of time with all these friends, even if it's just for an hour or a whole year, all i want to say is that i enjoyed every moment of it. everybody that influence me, that was in my life, i just miss them, you. 

studies really sucks this year. i didn't did a great job in my science this year. i'm in science class for god's sake, OMG! SPM THIS YEAR! i will die if i don't catch up. save me! 
before i forget, congratulations ee leng for getting straight A's in PMR! 

the end of two-zero-zero-eight. a great year, a nice full-stop at the end of it. this is going to be a year to remember. i love everything that has happen this year.

happy new year to you all.

A year to remember.

i enjoyed.

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