Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It's 2009! *cheers*

time seems to pass so fast,
remember 2 years ago i was still in my junior years.
remember 5 years ago i was still in primary school.
remember 8 years ago i was still in love with power ranger.
remember 11 years ago when i first wore underpants.
remember 13 years ago i was still drinking from baby bottles.
remember 16 years ago i......
you get my point.

the start of a new year! i started this year in London! this got to mean something right? it will be a great year! the countdown was awesome. there were about 700,000 thousands went to London eye for the countdown. will update this when i get back.

start my new year in London means this year is going to be extraordinary. i know it. on 3rd Jan, i went back to Dublin, Ireland. *yay* another country. this year started out amazing! but unfortunately i coming back tomorrow, 7th Jan. all good things do come to an end. *haiz* hope to be back here as soon as possible. not that i don't miss my father and friends, i really miss them, but i love all this country. i so damn bloody ******* love these country! i want to stay here when i grow up, whenever possible for the rest of my life! this is my goal!

coming back tomorrow and the stress starts again. S-P-M! damn! OMG! my future holds behind this test! OMG! then the decissions comes in, whether i continue my form 6 or pre-U. whether i study in which country. OMG! i am so freaking nervous about this. i've been searching for this on the net already. OMG! i'm so near to be legal! *yay* to drive! *yay* to SPM! *sobs*

i'm reaching M'sia on 8th Jan.
i miss ireland, france & england. i will be back!!!

Life is about taking chances and risk.

i enjoyed.

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