Tuesday, January 13, 2009


OMG! school again. been really busy with school, catching up with homework, social life and curriculum. all this is really time consuming, damn! hardly able to touch my computer. i've been in secondary for 5 years and i still feel the same on the first day of school. happy to see my friends again but damn sad to return to this stress life! i am really not ready to take SPM at all! really need to do much more studying if i want to achieve As.
i miss Dublin, Paris & London. miss the cold weather, the people there, everything (including no school) *laughs* i really wish to be there again later this year. i miss the stress-free life there.

the photos of London & Dublin still have problems uploading it, expected to be here soon. =)

bored of school.

Lessons in school won't last us for a lifetime.

i wish...

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