Monday, March 23, 2009

i am feeling much better!
don't get me wrong by loking at what i'm about to blog, i in a above average mood this few days.
->thx again to those who care about me. ^^

i believe most people don't get what this picture means. well, to me, it's making choices. both is also a one way street and one i headed to east and the other is west. choosing this two roads is important! if i wanted to go east but i turn west, i need double the time & effort to go back to east. main point is: i'm standing in the middle and wondering which direction should i choose! there's no turning back!

i just shifted to a new house, that's the main reason i've been happy. photos of new house to be posted. school re-open too. busy with homework, as usual. got to be more hardworking! SPM! enjoyed my time with some school mate. :P enjoying teenage life. =D keep check to see more updates. =D love the comments from everyone, keep them coming. :D i truly enjoy reading every comment. thanks again. XD

give me some directions...

i want...

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