Thursday, July 30, 2009

i thought i never will do any of this.
you better apprieciate me for doing this. =)


1. the THING that tagged you is:

2. Your relationship with her is:
my eldest cousin sister

3. Your first impression on her is:
an adorable baby? (i knew her the day that she was born) :)

4. The most memorable moments with her is:
ANTM.. (she'll know) *winks*

5. The most memorable thing she said to you is:
(something that if i write it down, she might kill me) =D

6. If she becomes your lover, you will:
i will be out of my mind. (she's my cousin) >.<

7. If she becomes your lover, what should she improve at:
not gonna happen. ==

8. If she becomes your enemy, what will you do?
that ain't gonna happen. ^^

9. The reason of her becoming your enemy?
i wonder what will it be.

10. The most desire thing you want to do for her now is:
play a song with the guitar? i'm getting better... ^^

11. Your overall impression on her:
a fun, great (etc...) cousin anyone could have. =D

12. The characteristic you love most about yourself:
i work for what i want.

13. The characteristic you hate most about yourself:
lazy. *smiles*

14. The most ideal person you want to be:
i love myself.

15. For people who care and like you, say something to them:
love ya support. love you guys. <3

16. Pass this quiz to 10 people you want to know how they feel about you:
1. Ee Von
2. Ken
3. Kelly
4. Jynn
5. Loong Ann
6. Jun Ann
7. Jia Hou
8. Mirmo
9. Yan
10. Nicholas

17. Who is 6 having a relationship with:
my school basketball capton. =)

18. Is 9 a male or female:

19. If 7 and 10 are together, would it be a good thing?
if they were gay and in New Zealand together. *laughs*

20. What is 2 studying right now?
form 5

21. When was the last time you have a chat with 3?
two weeks ago at saturday during dinner. ^^

22. What kind of music does 8 like?
Chinese pop.

23. Do 1 have any siblings?
a younger sister and a younger brother.

24. Will you woo 3?
no! we know each other since the day we were born. buddies. =D

25. How about 7?
a male? lol. NO!

26. Is 4 single?
single and available. XD

27. What's the surname of 5?

28. What's the hobby of 5?

29. Does 5 and 9 get along well?
they've never seen each other.

30. Where is 2 studying?
Tsun Jin High School.

31. Say something casual about your eyes.
it's dark gold. :)

32. Have you tried developing feelings for 5?
a guy? NO!

33. Where does 9 live?
not sure. happy garden?

34. What colour does 4 likes?
never asked her before.

35. Are 5 and 1 good friends?
Don't know each other.

36. Does 7 like 2?
Why are all turning into gay questions? NO!

37. How did you get to know 2?
form 1 classmate. :)

38. Does 1 have pets?
YES! a huge dog and a pampered chiwawa (is the spelling right?)

39. Is 7 sexy?
you really wanna know? haha... XD

stepping away from reality.

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