Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This post is dedicated to 明哲 and all those who cared about him:

I may not know him, but he is one of my school mate.
He left us all at 13-7-2009 at 1pm at only 15 years old.
He was a Tsun Jin High School Student.
A Boy Scout.
A Helpful Friend.
A Positive Guy.
A Tsun Jin Idol Finalist.
His life ended so quick that not all of the school mates were able to send their regards.
It was on 12/7 Sunday that changed everything. He was out having an event with the boy scouts. That event needed the scouts to walk beside the road a few kilometres. Everything was fine until when he cross the road. A car drove by a Malay (i think) went to fast and hit him down on that very second and drove away. He was admitted to the hospital and did several operation, but a day later, he past away.
How can the driver be so irresponsible? He did not even stop to see who he hit. He just hit and drove away. It can't be blame on anyone, it was an accident.
I know that he tried every power he had to stay alive, to fight this battle during the few hours that he was in a koma, but why must he leave so early. He's only 15 years old and a future ahead of him. It isn't fair.
I walked past his class yesterday. After his death was announce, his classmate all cried. All his friends cried and even some that didn't even know him. Everybody was hoping he can win the fight and survive, but he did not. *cry*

He will be in a place far away. A place call HEAVEN.
: Even though I don't know you, but I hope that you won't be afraid. Don't feel lonely. We will never forget you. Your death brought lost to us all.

Life can end so quick and so sudden. Love everyone around you, because there's not knowing when that somebody will leave. Love your life.

i'm searching for myself.

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