Tuesday, August 4, 2009

it's been very long since i type my actual feeling here. i've been sharing my memories inside here, but today i think i would want to express my feeling in here.


H1N1 is back!=.= our school started checking students temperature once we enter the school. hopefully no more H1N1 cases. >.<>


sports day ended - that means study! >.<>.< my decision have to be made anytime soon, whether form 6 or A level. what subject will i study? everything is happening so fast.

运动会结束了,代表要认真读书了!>.<我真的不想读,但是SPM!我的未来!中学后的生活就搞着文凭了!我很怕!>.<我要做决定了,高三还是A level。什么课系?全部都发生到很快.

most people seem to find themselves a person that can fit right into their life, while me? i told myself no dating at least after SPM, but... seeing everybody having another one makes me lonely. ANYWAY, i've been thinking. maybe what i did was very wrong. maybe things could have another ending or maybe it should have ended much more nicely. i wish it was different. i still remember the days together, i would never forget that. right now, the feeling of you not even looking at me hurts me. i don't want to hurt you anymore. it's complicated. *confuse*


friends, just friends?
it gets so hard to walk away~

stepping away from reality.

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