Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 18, 2009

the last day of my curriculum... BTW, it's volleyball society
basically we were just choosing comity members.
it was a very strange feeling there.
happy - because we finish our curriculum for the year
sad - because it's the seniors 3 last year

we chose the comity members for next year.
then we saw some photos of our volleyball society,
actually lots of them.
it was so touching!
it was photos from different competitions and our time together.
the senior 3 were all so touched,
most of them cried.
told you i will add photos.

this is only the senior 2 one. touching right?
we definately had a photo session too.
(more to be update soon)

my teacher did give something to me.
a pencil, but the words in it was so meaningful.
thank you.

~i want it to be the most memorable.

stepping away from reality.

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