Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ice Skating @ Sunway Pyramid
it was my first day going out with my classmates.

group photo. =D
i arrived late, 30 minutes late. :P
not my fault! traffic jam!
when the 8 of us arrived,
we went straight to ice skating. =)
it should have been 9 people though,
oh well~
no photos while we were ice skating.
i skate the best, for sure. =)
cause my sis was a ice skating competitior.
there is 1 particular person who fell 10 times.
you know who you are, not gonna humuliate you. =)
additional photo:
the 3 guys, only.
it should have been 4.
oh well~

i'm addicted to...!

stepping away from reality.

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