Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BBQ @ guo hao house
need introducing?
what do you usually do in a farewell BBQ?
-cook food that will eventually get burn
-peeling burnt food more than eating it
-take photos!!!
i did all of it!
after finishing school, i rushed to meet my friends.
guo hao was fetching.
his driving, not bad la~!
except sometimes when he goes to fast. >.<
how do i put this?
we started the fire,
people arrived,
we started cooking,
we eat,
we chat,
and we took photos.
i hate squatting there waiting for my food to cook,
but it turned out burnt.

which is nicer? hmm...
i love both photo, so i upload both. >.<
up: clear.
down: with smoke, so you know it's from a BBQ
most of them are going to taiwan/china to further their studies.

a photo session with them is a must!

A~ i'm gonna cry!
To: (those who are going to taiwan, china...for university)
all the best in university and the road ahead!
friday can't send you guys to airport, sorry~
have a safe trip!
the next time we meet will be next year,
i will miss you guysss!!!

~it's not the end, it's only the beginning of a whole new chapter.
stepping away from reality.

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