Saturday, July 9, 2011

i am in kuching, sarawak!
due to limited time using computer,
forgive me for the lack on updating.

rainforest world music festival!
here we come!

let me give you a taste of rainfest!
i never knew traditional music can be so cool,
with drums, guitar and so much more instrument,
the music created is extraordinary.

getting high over it.

do you know you can make music just by splashing water?

sean, sam, shing, jan, pao, aelred & me.
so happy to meet vivian and chonfan sarawakian friends here.
they (aelred, sam, sean, kathleen, ida) were amazing!

everything in kuching is amazing!
from the food, lifestyle, to the scenery!

damai sunset.

i believe this trip will be listed as one of my favourite trips.

true friends will be there no matter what.

stepping away from reality.

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