Sunday, July 17, 2011

kuching food is so amazing,
thinking of it makes me miss there.
if you ever visit there,
do try these awesome food!

kueh chap.
my favourite!

teh c special,
it's with wheat grass.
so nice and different!

tomato mee.

this veg can only get it in sarawak!

let's not forget liquor.
tuak, sarawak liquor which taste really good!

let's not forget kolo mee...

seems like ice kacang is also so famous there.

do go kuching for the food,
it's awesome,
but with locals there to bring you around is much better!
thanks vivian, chonfan, aelred, kathleen. so much!

cause my heart is on jet lag.

this moment is perfect.

stepping away from reality.

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