Monday, July 4, 2011

it's the movie season.
so many new shows!
and i have watched most of them!

green lantern.
in the brightest day,
in the darkest night.

ryan reynolds and blake lively is hot and all,
but the movie was not that interesting.
just another super hero movie.
that's what i think.

kung fu panda.
inner peace.

a cute funny show to watch,
not amazing, but it's nice.
you know, just laughing without
having to think the storyline.

x men : first class

let me tell you,
i think this is the best x men show ever!
so cool! it's like omg!
i want super powers!!!

transformer 3 : dark of the moon

it's transformer, it can never go wrong!
for me, it's kind of predictable though.
and megan fox was not in the movie,
even though rosie huntington-whiteley was hot too.

just some thought for you guys
who want to watch movie this few days.

i don't know where i stand anymore.

stepping away from reality.

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