Tuesday, December 13, 2011

genting highland malaysia.
i bet most of you guys are familiar there.
it was a simple trip with my uni friends,
with only one intention.
release all the stress during this 7 days holiday.

everybody knows going to genting means,
sitting at starbucks to chill.
yup, it's a tradition.

we were like secondary kids,
we went to the theme park
and had the greatest time!

the pirate ship was real scary,
real scary. -.-

above that photo is best ride in genting!
i sat 3 times! and i'm not insane!
it was fun! yup, and i will try sky diving in the future.

you guys know the teacup!
this was how epic and fast it spun.

and the two people who ko-ed
epic fail!

i was into photography for quite sometime,
and these are 2 of my photography.
Ian Tan photography.
do give comments on my skills.

shoot for the moon.

stepping away from reality.

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