Tuesday, December 27, 2011

it's the time of the year again!
happy birthday to me!
though it has past 11 days already,
but i recently have the time and photos.

anyway, first i would have never guess that,
i got a surprise party! woohoo!
who knew so many turn up at my house without me knowing.
worse part was me with my "home attitude"
yup, my mum kept forcing me downstairs,
but i was screaming and not wanting to go down.

thanks my mum and sis for acting and organizing it.

thank you to everyone of my friends who took time out to come.
adam, yan, jiayeong, shel, dickson, nishie, liwei,
icelone, joshua, harmony, andrew, yansk, chunpao, jireh.
and definitely to my two best friend and organizer,
vivian and janice.
best surprise i could ever ask for.

the famous cake-on-face.

later, some of us went to mist.
the fun part was my birthday obviously.
what happens in the club, stays there.

maybe it's for the best.

stepping away from reality.

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