Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a trip down memory lane.
my birthdays.


class vacation to langkawi
we were only junior, but it was the best class vacation!
yup, sitting by the beach, talking, drinking.
it was amazing.
i think this was the last time my whole gang sat together.


best birthday ever!
my birthday present was being able to wake up in paris!!
my dream city!
i promise i will return there, that's were i was from!
this was taken on my birthday itself. =)


my awesome birthday party! best one i ever had!
over 50 attended, though some was not in this photo.
it couldn't have been better,
the friends and family there,
the birthday presents,


it was my first experience to a club.
it was well, the amazing things were friends there.

this year? you have to wait and find out!
i know it's gonna be a bomb,
though going ipoh on my birthday for study trip sucks!
but it will be awesome!

be grateful for everything.

stepping away from reality.

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