Saturday, June 18, 2011

5 days and it's finally over.
miss my hot water, and air-cond.

it was eye-opening to experience this event,
even though as an observer.
different people from different background.

no matter the results,
i think the installation was awesome.
it was amazing how the hex-plosion team works.

the performance by taylor is so creative,
and original!

love the magic performance,
the final rose. <3

it wasn't the best 5 days i had,
but it had it's moments.

maybe this whole workshop was not
as great as i expect it to be,
but it's the people you experience it with right?

i don't care what people say about taylor,
i know we are awesome just the way we are.

pao, jan, vivian, nishie, shing, andrew, edmund, icelone,
sam, kieran, chongyan, thayjis, sara, veron,
mae, puteri, yumin, carrie, azim, ian, chan, yukee, ivie.
not to forget norma and faiz!

end with a smile?

stand up with your own 2 feet.

stepping away from reality.

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