Thursday, June 2, 2011


hope you had a wonderful birthday!
even thought assignment is stressful,
but do find time to relax!

hope you get good grades for the assignments coming!

well, guess where we had the surprise party?

souled out!
awesome food!
definitely awesome people!

nishie thought it was only 5 poeple celebrating,
but turns out 19 people came.
i know you enjoyed it!
ps: khaiyii left when this photo was taken.

it's nice to escape from the assignments
and make someone happy at the same time.

flaming lamborghini.
awesome drink from the look of it.
got pao and nishie high!

i love this photo so much!!!

photo by edmund.

photo credits to edmund, nishie, thomas and me. =)


stepping away from reality.

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