Saturday, July 7, 2012

He sat there looking out to the Golden Gate Bridge. The night was clear, all the stars that lid behind it was extravagant. He always saw the bridge, but today was nothing like it. Today there was someone beside him. He held the person's hand tightly and pull the person closer. He never thought he would ever find someone who made him felt this way and he smiled knowing, he thought wrong.

The post everyone has been long awaiting for.
For you guys who did not know, I went to the states during March for three weeks.
That was my highlight of the first six months in 2012.
Gonna separate the post in 3 parts, because I went to three different places.
By the way, I chose quantity over quality, so prepare for all the photos!
How do I even start to describe San Francisco?
It was amazing! Seriously.
This is a place I would definitely consider to stay in in the future.
The people are nice, weather's great, everything is just perfect.

Got all prepare for the 20 hours flight from Malaysia to Hong Kong and all the way to San Francisco.

Hong Kong airport. The façade of the building is amazing.

Welcome to Hyatt Regency Hotel! I get to stay in a 5 star hotel! =D
Some photos of the hotel.

My view out the hotel.

Basically, I went there with my father but he was on a business trip,
so I spent a week walking all over San Francisco alone,
but it was interesting and I enjoyed it.
Took many scenery shots without me inside, but reassure,
I was at all the place.
Some sceneries of SF.

 Bay bridge.

 Apperantly SF is famous for sea lion, by Pier 39.

Colt Tower.

A view from colt tower. See how organize the city is.

SF famous cable car! It's a must when visiting there.

I was there! =D

Breads in SF is famous, so is CLAM CLOWDER! <3

 Night view.

You know what amaze me?
This bunch of people playing with fire in the night till midnight,
just many of them, maybe 20,
they were all just playing with it and everyone would stop by and have a look,
some would take photographs.
Makes me think that they just did what they like.
Just enjoy life.

Am I missing out a photo? Yes I am!
It won't call a trip to SF without visiting the Golden Gate Bridge.

One day, I would stay there. I promise.

If happy ever after did exist.

stepping away from reality.

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