Saturday, July 7, 2012

Took me quite awhile to really find the motivation for blogging,
but I found it and promise I will update as often as you visit.
I used a whole new layout basically I needed change.
Change has been going through my life and I needed to express it.
Let's talk about that some other time. 

Dinner with the family! =D
No celebration, just a decent dinner with the family.
Verona Trattoria, 8, Jalan 17/54 Section 17, Petaling Jaya.
Included this just in case you guys might be interested in going.

Food was delicious and the service was great too.
I would say a 8/10.
We went there and the owner got us all of his 'special' meals.
Yup, I have no idea what are this dishes call, but have a look.

This may looked like your ordinary pork rice, but I like the sauce.
It's interesting. 

Pork would never go wrong. 

A very unique peperoni pizza taste, can't exactly tell you what taste, but it was delicious. 

 Roasted pork with spaghetti, something so unique.

Did you know wine goes well with pork?
All the expensive wine served there...

The owner was kind enough to offer us whiskey.
This was specially brought in from London.

 This is the most unique desert I have ever tasted.
It's like a ice cream fruit cake, four levels of flavour.
From top to bottom: strawberry, mango, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

What family dinner without some family photo time?
Just a few to let you forget about the hunger you guys are feeling now.

 My parents. <3

 Sister and me, that eyebrow piercing looked cool!
Oh yeah, I got my eyebrow pierced.

I could still taste the food, it was that delicious.
Wait for my next post you guys, check in soon.

six feet underground.

stepping away from reality.

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