Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My semester 3 final studio project finally end.
Believe me this semester was hell,
everything I've been through, learned from.
I could only say it makes me stronger.

A brief look at my project. It's name SVIC.
A visitor interpretive centre in Sekinchan, Malaysia.
Not to bore you guys out, if you guys are interested to know about it,
drop me a comment so I would upload a more detail version into here.

Ignore the watermark.

Basically, this post I would talk something more about my project.
I wanted to talk about struggles and pulling forward.

This semester was hell as I stated earlier, you have no idea. I admit I was slacking so much and I just lose my focus in architecture and in life. The main reason of it was the change in life. I know change is inevitable, but it affected me tremendouslyThe fact that suddenly seeing friends that I used to share everything with move on, the worst part was I was standing there dying inside, it was the worse feeling. I slacked so much this semester and while I was finishing this final board for presentation, I cracked. Preparing architecture boards are not simple even though some people might not know, but I guess, let's just say this is a stressful thing to do. Submission was on Tuesday 6pm and at Tuesday noon, I haven't lay out anything in my board. At that moment, I cracked under pressure. I see no future at all, all I want to do is to just give up my future, because frankly at that time, I thought I fail in this board. You see I promise myself I would ace this board to prove to myself, and them, that I could live better even though I lose some of my best friend, but at that time I couldn't, I really couldn't. I was failing, losing friends and I don't even think I could handle architecture.

I went out driving, calm myself down and think. I'm glad I did that really. At that point, I didn't think my future was something I would look forward to. What if I never find someone would love me? What if I only work at 9-5 daily, without enough money for luxury? What if I wake up one day and think this is not the life I want to live? I bet you guys thought this before right? And so, that drive got me thinking, if I gave up then, I definitely won't have those, but if I fight for it, there will be a chance right? So I promise myself, never go down without a fight! I would reconsider everything in my life that's for sure, but I would not let things bring me down. What doesn't kills you make you stronger right? 

All I'm trying to say is, I know what is like to breakdown and thinking nothing in your future you look forward to. Remember there's always your parents and if that's not enough, there's you. I watched glee and I think this is so true.
"What do you most look forward to in life?" Ask yourself this.
For me, I would say I look forward to see what job I end up doing, who is my significant other and teaching my children this lesson, to never give up on life. Live for yourself, because if you gave up, you only gave up on yourself, nobody would care that much, don't live for someone else. One day you look back, you would remember what YOU have been through and what YOU have accomplished. Please never give up.

Some songs that got me through.

Kelly Clarkson - Stronger

All American Rejects - Move Along

Glee - Fly/I Believe I Can Fly

Glee - Survivor/I Will Survive

After all this, I wanted to do something to help, so
I set up this new blog, an advice blog.
Ask me any question, I may not be any expert,
but we will figure it out okay?
Don't say no one cares, because I do.
Ask me for advice there and if I didn't reply,
is because I didn't recieved it, I'm still new to this whole tumblr thing.
If not, please drop a comment for advice here or my twitter.
I will try to help, even if its a simple problem.

I believe I can fly.

stepping away from reality.

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*Live for yourself, because if you gave up, you only gave up on yourself, nobody would care that much, don't live for someone else*give u a like*** Well done that U did it :) take care!