Sunday, August 24, 2008

1 hours 17 minutes and 36 seconds left.
Holiday is going to over.

Review at what I did during this short 9 days/216 hours/12960 minutes/777600 seconds...
~>Went to Perak for volleyball competition for 6 days 5 nights...
~>Spend the whole day (Friday) in Sunway Lagoon with 5 friends that I won't forget...
~>Saturday and Sunday playing computer and play station 2...
Quite a great holiday, but could've been better.

So excited to upload the pics from the volleyball competition and forgotten to talk about the results. Well, our school volleyball got into the top 8, but lose. Haiz~ Ping Pong (Boy) lose and Basketball (Girl) got second.
Well, at least I accomplished something. I finally got the guts to ask some of my idols to take a photo with me...^^ Here's the pic...^^

Sunway Lagoon was fun!!! LOL...
Going on a triple date...^^
First meeting at the main entrance at 11am.
Started playing in the theme park, played the spinning cup first.
Then played more, next went to the WATER PARK.
Played the slides, enjoyed the waves...
(eventhough it's raining and it's cold, but i enjoyed myself.)
Change and went for dinner in Pizza Hut, no chicken buffet. >.<
Saw Luo zhi xiang and another actress promoting the show HOT SHOT.
(it's about basketball, friendship, love.)
Finally went home.
Have such a great time with
Si Wen, Jian Bing, Xiao Yin, Guang Quan and Gui Yi...
Friends forever...^^

Played computer, updating blog and played Kingdom hearts for this 2 days...
Saturday N Sunday.
Pics of it..
Remember even in the darkest heart, there will still be a light, don't lose sight of that light.

Final cool...

Random (from the competition)(will keep adding pics):

Our team~

Ouch! Lukily it's not from our team...

i enjoyed.

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