Thursday, August 28, 2008

School~ Boring!
Class teacher absent for 3 days...>.<Hope she's ok...
Really there's no aim for me at this moment...
I need an aim, need my heart to focus on something~
Watch Dinasaur in Disney Channel.
The show about Alladar (a dinasaur),
his home was destroy by the comets,
and now he has to go to the nesting place,
the only place with food.
While going there, he met this herd of dinasaurs all going there,
the leader took the herd of dinasaur to the nesting area,
but he didn't care if any dinasaurs was left behind.
Only the strongest will survive...
But Alladar was different, he didn't leave anybody behind,
this story is about friendship, loyalty, and hope!
Great show, and meaningful too.
Random Pics: (Volleyball)
-Going to put all my interesting volleyball competition pics here...


i love you.

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